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Wild Malaysian Orchids

Our Malaysian orchids are flown in weekly on a direct flight. Malaysian orchids have longer stems and sprays than their Thailand counterparts. Their lengths can reach up to 30 inches (75cm) on dendrobiums and up to 32 inches (80cm) on Giant hybrid oncidiums. The blooms tend to be heavier and heartier thus extending their shelf life. The slightly higher price is well spent on these premium orchids.


Orchids are a large and diverse family of plants. Orchids or Orchidaceae are in the family of monocot flowering plants in the super order Lilflorae. Orchids bloom in a large range of color and forms (view some examples below).

Dendrobium Bon White

Dendrobium Liberty White

Dendrobium Anna

Dendrobium Big White

Dendrobium Black Beauty

Dendrobium Bon

Dendrobium Champagne

Dendrobium Hiang Beauty

Dendrobium Jade Green

Dendrobium TSK

Dendrobium Snow White

Dendrobium Bon Red

Dendrobium Candy Stripe

Dendrobium Lucy Pink

Dendrobium Red Bull

Dendrobium Green w/ Red Lipy

Dendrobium Royal Green

Dendrobium Sonia

Dendrobium Sweet Lavender

Dendrobium Lemon Green

Mokara Blue

Mokara Golden Nugget

Mokara Blue Rain

Mokara Tay Swee Eng

Mokara Happy Beauty

Mokara Chitti Purple

Mokara Calypso Pink

Mokara White Omei

Mokara Vigor Gold

Mokara Ruby Red Hassan

Mokara Panny Gold

Mokara New Yellow

Mokara New Red

Mokara CP Red

Mokara CP Gold

Mokara CK Red

Mokara CK Pink

Mokara CK Orange

Mokara Singa Gold

Mokara Super Orange

Oncidium Taka

Aranda Pink Tiger

Aranda Ken Red

Aranda Akihito Orange

Aranda Green Tiger

Aranda Khoo Choo

Aranda Top Red

Aranda Five Friendship

Vanda Pink

Vanda Orange Spot

Vanda Orange

Vanda Fuchsia

Vanda Calypso

Aranda James Storie Yellow

Orchid Bouquets

Below are some examples of bouquets from Malaysia. Please note that you may substitute any Orchid variety in the bouquets.

Bouquet #1

Bouquet #2

Bouquet #3

Bouquet #4

Bouquet #5

Bouquet #6

Bouquet #7

Bouquet #8

Bouquet #9

Bouquet #10