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Production of cut flowers in Australia occurs in the following areas

Production of cut flowers in Australia occurs in the following areas: the East Coast, the South and Southeast Coast, and the West Coast. Areas are limited by the prevailing climatic and growing conditions and access to markets in each region. Direct Floral sources product from all of these regions direct from farms and exporters. It is important to source from all areas to have the exposure to the full product line available. Following are photos of many of the varieties of flowers and foliages we can supply you with.

The types of flowers grown can be included into four main categories:

  • Australian Native Flowers
  • Protea
  • Traditional Flowers
  • Foliage

Furthermore, we can offer you prices FOB Chicago as well as FOB Los Angeles. Let us help you carry only the best Australia has to offer.

Australian Native Flowers

Waxflower Purple Pride

Waxflower Bridal Pearl

Waxflower Revelation

Waxflower Alba

Waxflower Purple Gem

Waxflower Sweet Sixteen

Waxflower Mullering Brook

Waxflower Lady Stephanie

Waxflower Autumn Gold

Waxflower Harvest Gold  

Waxflower Tinted Red

Waxflower Tinted Orange

Waxflower Tinted Yellow

Christmas Bush

Stirlingia Blue

Stirlingia Red

Stirlingia White

Leucospermum Cordifolium Orange

Leucospermum Cordifolium Pink

Pin Cushion Yellow

Calycina Natural 

Calycina Pink


King Protea

Queen Protea

Pink Ice Protea

Pink Mink Protea 

Tradtional Flowers

Water Lily


Calla Lily  

Cymbidium Orchids





Cherry Grass

Emu Feathers

Goanna Claw  

Koala Fern

Flexi Grass

Sea Star Fern

Plantation Umbrella Fern