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City of Flowers "Italy"

San Remo, Italy, is known as the "City of Flowers". Located where the Italian Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea, its mild climate makes it ideal for growing ruscus, mini pittosporum and genistra. The Italian Horticulture Market is world-renowned by these specialized products.

Flower growers bring their product to the San Remo Flower Market, the biggest flower market in Italy where our Italian "partners" choose only the best product for export to the U.S. Painted foliages in bright colors or metallic paint are also a popular item.

We have two to three shipments per week and we can ship from Chicago or Miami.


Italian Ruscus and Pittosporum

Aralia Leaf


Metallic & Painted Foliage

Metal Painted Buxus

Metal Painted Eucalyptus 

 Metal Painted Buxus

Preserved Eucalyptus

Metal Painted Ruscus 

 Metal Painted Ruscus









 Sweet Pea